About us

The company was incorporated on 30th May, 2003 as a Private Limited Company with authorized capital of Rs.3 million (Rupees Three Million). The principal activity of the company is to manufacture 100% Cotton Yarn for Local and Export sales. The company financed by its sponsoring directors from their own resources.

The  Registered Office of company  is situated at P.E.C.H.S Block 6 Nursery, Karachi at owned building. The Factory is situated at prime location at SITE Nooriabad facing Karachi Hyderabad Motorway at Plot no. C-30, SITE  Nooriabad District Jamshoro Sindh. The area of factory plot is 38 Acares. Factory is equipped with latest machineries and equipments.

Initially in 2004 Spinning Machineries were installed with 47 frames of 24,252 spindles. Commercial production started in August 2004 and by the end of December 2004  we had reached production of 12,500 bags per month,. the  capacity of Electric Generators is 2.8 Mega Watt, which bear the full load of production facility.

In 2010, the management made the decision to utilize its waste so the Open End machineries were installed with 600 rotors those were further enhanced up to 800 in 2012

In 2012 the company’s management decided to expand the factory and to further enhance the existing facility and  the capacity to install new Spinning Unit as well factory building.  Comprehensive expansion plan was carried out in 2011 and in February 2012 New Spinning Unit has been commissioned. It comprises of 18 frames of 516 spindles each, total of 9,288 spindles, further to fulfill factory’s electric power requirement, Gas Powered Electric Generator of 1.9 was added.

Moreover on 2015, the management took decision to install STATE OF ART TECHNOLOGY “TOYOTA RX 300” that comprises four frames having 1056 spindles, total 4,224 spindles, now it was decided to replace the old Generator with a new one having capacity of 2.7 Mega Watt and by keeping the buyers confidence we have 2.8 MW Gas and  2.5MW  Electric (WAPDA) back up. With the expansion plan and commissioning of Spinning Unit the estimated production will be around 29,000 bags per month. The new Spinning unit can produce almost all kind of yarn, which are in demand inland and overseas. We also received favourable response from various foreign buyers and negotiations are underway for export.